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Some important agreements reached are as follows: Thus, Stalin got all that territory for free. Yalta conference research paper Big Three meeting room Furthermore, the Soviets had agreed to join the United Nations, given the secret understanding of a voting formula with a veto power for permanent members of the Security Councilthus ensuring that each country could block unwanted decisions.

The Curzon Line was not invented by the Soviet Union, but rather by Curzon and Clemenceau and representatives of the United States at the conference into which Russia had not been invited. Lane, Ann, and Howard Temperley, eds. I was raised in a communist country due to this pact and I can tell the people a few things about how life was like.

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At Dumbarton Oaks, some proposals for the organization of the United Nations were discussed, but not much was decided.

The Big Three also agreed to establish a postwar world organization. As a conclusion, I would like Yalta conference research paper discuss the influence that this pact had on the world where I came from.

The minute mini series based on the actual words spoken by the Big Three leaders. Discussions at Yalta opened on the topic of the future of Germany. At the time, the Red Army had occupied Poland completely and held much of Eastern Europe with a military power three times greater than Allied forces in the West[ citation needed ].

Because Churchill strongly wanted to have certain countries in the British commonwealth accepted into the UN, Roosevelt was unable to deny Stalin the admission of Soviet Ukrainian and Belorussian republics in the UN.

I will criticize FDR for doing this to Eastern Europe, because it ruined one of the most beautiful, and educated places in the world. He added that all, not just part of, aviation plants facilities for the production of synthetic oil and all other military enterprises and factories should also be confiscated and used as reparation payments.

It was also a very will strategically placed country. He believe that "it would open the door to all sorts of deliberations in the future". A Not So Grand Alliance.

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Thus Roosevelt was once again victorious, because he conceded a couple of insignificant votes in the U. It was a promise that allowed the people of Europe "to create democratic institutions of their own choice". One these key objectives was to involve Stalin in the war against Japan.

As for the dismemberment of Germany, Roosevelt had earlier suggested dividing it into five parts, Yalta conference research paper Stalin agreed, but Churchill disagreed with them and wanted only to split it into two parts, Prussia and Austria-Bavaria.

Also, in the Pacific War, American forces moved steadily from island to island towards a final invasion of the Japanese home islands. If you need a custom term paper on World War: It is not clear why Roosevelt declared that he had made a very good deal at Yalta, because in the agreement, he gave Stalin all of Eastern Europe and some Japanese islands.

It had always been understood that any zone for France would be formed out of part of the British and American zones, already made out. Were the Yalta agreements reasonable compromises or a sellout by the Allies? The fact that Poland later fell to communism was not a fault of Roosevelt or Churchill, but a fault of the fact that Stalin failed to live up to the terms of the agreement.

ByRussians had already accepted the line, and some even wanted Russia to take less than was conceded by Curzon and Clemenceau. These agreements represent the power and success of American and British diplomacy at the Yalta Conference. The fact that Germany took over Romania did not matter to the Russians who made Romania give all of its agricultural products to Russia for more than 10 years along with many other taxations and pay-backs.

Click here to buy a custom term paper. Suggestions for Term Papers 1. While little more than a statement of an intent to consult about he achievement of a democratic government in "liberated" Europe, is at least kept the door open for discussions to this end.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.Essay The Yalta Conference The Yalta Conference was one of the most important events in history, let alone, this century.

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It took place from February 4 to February 11,at Yalta, Crimea, a port/resort. The Yalta Conference Essay, Research Paper In FebruaryNazi armies were quickly beaten back towards Berlin by armies of the Soviet Union. British and American forces were preparing to invade Germany. Unconditional surrender could be expected from Germany in a matter of weeks.

Minutes of the conference Combined Arms Research Library; Foreign relations of the United States. Conferences at Malta and Yalta, ; Protocol of proceedings of Crimea Conference; MilitaryHistoryOnline Yalta Conference; How good was the Good War?

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The Division of Europe Online Documents Collection; Special German series 2. Yalta Conference - Yalta Conference custom research papers discuss when the “Big Three” leaders brought an agenda to the Yalta Conference.

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COLD WAR The Yalta conference, February In Germany was losing the European war, so the allies’ leaders decided to meet in Yalta, to agree what would happen to Europe after Germany was. Yalta Conference meeting between Big Three to determine post-war status of Germany and rest of world, but mostly Germany, resulted in division of Germany among them.

Creation of UN to replace League of Nations.

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