Volver a film

She moves, however, without the soundtrack of wolf-whistles that earlier ages might have composed for her. This new film, being more modest in its scope, and somehow less obviously extravagant, achieves more with its rhetorical flourishes and narrative display. Here, she impulsively decides to sing to the assembled company a showstopping lament about the return of past lives and loves - an irresistibly generous and emotional event.

When Cruz struts with unselfconscious sexiness through the streets, carrying a rounded, wiggling behind that might almost be prosthetic, she resembles the young Sophia Loren. The image goes beyond camp, and certainly beyond desire, into a feminised world in which work, survival and family love are paramount.

On her it looks sensational, and its floral motif is carried over into the final credit sequence. Only Cruz could have carried off those hoop earrings, as big as soup-plates, and on anyone else her black top with the flowery design might have looked as if it came from Primark.

Her real relationship is with her daughter, her sister, her mother and with her garrulous women-friends and neighbours - all chattering, laughing and, at a funeral, mumbling prayers like a swarm of pious, black-clad bees.

There are a couple of men in the picture who are in love with Raimunda, but they are tentative and almost reticent in their adoration. But of course, Cruz is intensely engaged with one man: I found myself floating right along with them.

Now it looks even better. What a triumph for this great European director who just seems to get better and better.

Volver seemed guilelessly wonderful when I first saw it earlier this year in Cannes. So Volver is a ghost story. It is this context of beauty, richly sensual without being sexual, that makes the gestures of tragicomedy and passion so affecting.

There is a wonderful overhead shot of Raimunda washing up a bloodstained knife in the kitchen sink. Volver could have gone on for another hour or two: Volver a film its vividness and intense, almost neurotic sensitivity to colour, particularly the colour red, it also looks like a Hitchcock thriller.

Share via Email Gripping melodrama When Raimunda says to her miraculously returned mother:Soundtrack to Pedro Almodovar's "Volver"- Estrella Morente, chosen by director Pedro Almodovar, performs the main theme of the original soundtrack for his new movie "Volver" (featuring Penelope Cruz).

Almodovar is one of the few Spanish directors who understands the importance of a solid soundtrack in the success of a film. "In my /5(11). Mar 17,  · Watch video · The moment of the tango ("Volver" by C.

Gardel) turned into flamenco really makes you break in goose pimples. However, it is not Penélope's voice, but flamenco-star Estrella Morente's.

If you like Almodóvar, you will certainly like this film/10(K). W ith its overwhelming richness, its colour and warmth, Pedro Almodóvar's new movie is set to capture your heart. Volver seemed guilelessly wonderful when I. Critics Consensus: Volver catches director Pedro Almodovar and star Penelope Cruz at the peak of their respective powers, in service of a layered, thought-provoking film%.

VOLVER is only my second foray into Pedro Almodovar, and it was a strangely compelling watch even if I predicted a couple of the narrative twists long before they were actually revealed.

Without going into detail, the story is about how women deal with death, secrets and, in general, familial relationships.

Volver a film
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