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The Countess angrily storms from the room. The synopsis below may give away important plot points. From the beginning of the novel, Stachel is a deeply troubled alcoholic with a penchant for lying. Stachel dives steeply to aid the triplane pilot and shoots down one of the enemy planes.

Stachel is so drunk, he cannot even recall the engagement. Willi takes the bait and declares that the Countess, The blue max movie analysis the vintage champagne, is a trophy that will prove hard to get. Is used for the scene. Willi is described as a "fat aristocrat" in the book who has only one victory more than Stachel.

PPS took the prize with its Gipsy Pfalz. In the novel, his title is Graf and he is a famous surgeon who has researched alcoholism and other addictions.

IIIs and Fokker D. In the novel, Heidemann does not accuse Stachel of brutality in the shooting down of the British aircraft over their airfield. There is also no confrontation with Heidemann who takes a swift dislike to Stachel over claiming aircraft that Willi had shot down.

Other German aircraft were represented by repainted Tiger Moths and Stampes. Stachel climbs in the back, only to find Willi waiting with a bottle of champagne. A huge dogfight ensues, with numerous losses on both sides. The British aircraft were similarly mocked-up trainers made into British S.

It is obvious that Stachel has lied. She asks Stachel to come with her, but he coldly informs her that he has no intention of running away to become one of her well-kept lap dogs.

Stachel is to be publicly disgraced. III reportedly flew well, though with heavy controls. How can any film buff, or aviation buff, think otherwise? When Stachel lands, his commander insinuates that Stachel shot down the plane over the field so as to ensure credit for his kill.

Their presence above the battlefield is uncontested and effective, but then British fighters suddenly appear above them. Heidemann swears that he will never wear the medal and vows to court-martial him.

In both the novel and the film, Elfi is a nurse stationed in Berlin. The General angrily confronts his vindictive wife, but the die is already cast. Synopsis The year isthe third bloody year of the Great War. Camera operator Chic Waterson was struck on the head, but back at work the next day.

Stachel laughingly accepts the challenge. They are soon jumped by a The blue max movie analysis patrol. Later, she blackmails Stachel to marry her by threatening to reveal his murder of Willi and two British pilots.

Perhaps I was the only pilot who did not say that all the bridges looked quite hopeless. Back in combat, Heidemann leads the squadron against large enemy troop formations. His twenty-two victories have qualified him for the Blue Max, even without the two fraudulent kills.

In the novel, it is Stachel who tries out the new monoplane, finds the defect, and then allows Heidemann to fly the aircraft. The movie portrays Stachel initially as an idealistic, humble, and naive man who evolves into someone willing to do whatever it takes to get his way.

Vwhich was a late-war monoplane design which did indeed rapidly gather a reputation for poor construction of the wing, resulting in several crashes before being modified and re-designated the Fokker D. He reports to an aerodrome in France and quickly realizes that he must struggle to be accepted by the aristocratic young airmen of his squadron.

The view from the 19th century railway bridge which spans the River Blackwater is spectacular and it was one of the reasons the producers of The Blue Max chose it as one of the locations for the film. The Berlin scenes were shot in Dublin.Sep 09,  · The "Blue Max", a coveted medal for achievement in flying, is ruthlessly sought by Bruno Stabel (George Peppard), a poor-boy German soldier who climbs out.

The Blue Max is a British color motion picture filmed in Ireland. The story is about a very handsome young German who has spent two years as an enlisted soldier in the infantry at the Western Front in World War I.

makes a cameo as the legendary Red Baron (what's a WWI aerial movie without the Red Baron?). They don't make 'em like /5(). The Blue Max is a British color motion picture filmed in Ireland. The story is about a very handsome young German who has spent two years as an enlisted soldier in the infantry at the Western Front in World War I/5().

The Blue Max was a financial success at the box office, earning $5 million in North American rentals in Director Peter Jackson lists the film as one of the top six World War I movies. The Blue Max at the TCM Movie Database; The Blue Max at AllMovie; The Blue Max at the American Film Institute Catalog;Music by: Jerry Goldsmith.

The Blue Max () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more. Jun 21,  · Watch video · The Blue Max is an entertaining and extremely well-acted and beautifully filmed motion picture.

Filmed init's George Peppard in his prime/10(K).

The blue max movie analysis
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