The blame game essay

Drug dealers belong in prison. They then took him out back and burned his body in the back yard and scrapped his ashes into paint cans to try to cover up the murder. Maybe if those parents would have kept a closer eye on the things their kids watched, Seath Jackson would still be here today.

The Blame Game- Who Is Responsible for the Bully

The blame game essay reason and evidence we employ is used as argument for existing opinion rather than for evaluation of alternative opinions. As a society, we are challenged to think through the evidence that supports each of many competing moral claims to determine which claims are true.

Children who bully or have violent behavior are often just repeating what they see in their home life. Maybe that time is coming soon, as witnessed by the numerous recent scandals and failures in government agencies where nobody is held accountable.

Of course, the child should be held accountable for their actions however; they are still children themselves and learned to behave so cruelly from someone. You can have your truth, I can have mine.

Some things can be true, even though proof is not yet available. That depends on whether we agree it was wrong. How then do we refute the counter-argument that says "You are entitled to your opinion, but not to your own facts.

Copying homework assignments is wrong. Just what is the problem with these definitions and mind set? Common Core quizzes for example require students to sort claims into one or the other category.

It is wrong for people under age 21 to drink alcohol. Many stories gain nationwide popularity like the story of Jamey Rodemeyer, an openly gay fourteen year old who hanged himself due to the torment he could no longer take from his bullies.

The fact is, bully behavior is learned, which can be good news because that means it can be easily prevented. How, for example, can we be outraged when rioters destroy the property of innocents if this is not viewed as a moral fault, as dishonorable behavior?

They can only do so much. Many factors can determine why a child becomes a bully. Parents who use gay or racial slurs around their children teach them to notice and single out others who may be different by using those inappropriate types of slurs. When McBrayer Googled definitions on the web, he found them all to be similar to the sign in the school.

If most bully behavior is learned, then we must place the responsibility on the parents to teach their children the correct and appropriate way to behave and treat others. We construct an excuse for ourselves from thinking hard to seek absolute truth if we accept the claim that no moral truths are absolutely truer than others.

People are taught values, and how and what they are taught is especially impactful on children. All men are created equal. Both children and adults are prone to fuzzy thinking in general, but this becomes especially problematic when it comes to thinking about the pursuit of honorable behavior.

The implications of such definitions are quite damaging for honorable behavior. Thus, no one can be blamed for violating moral values.Blame Game Lyrics: Whose fault? / Let's play the blame game, I love you more / Let's play the blame game for sure / Let's call out names, names, I hate you more / Let's call out names, names for sure.

Blame Game

Playing the Blame Game Essay to external forces to explain internal strife; this reaction is prevalent across virtually every gender, class, race, and nationality. This tendency to ascribe blame holds true in communities worldwide, including three in Latin America – Peru, Argentina, and Nicaragua.

The often targeted entertainers, video game developers, teachers, drug companies, and writers are rarely, if ever, responsible for such tragic outcomes and, unfortunately, often become victims as a result of lawsuits filed in an attempt to place blame on them.

Blame Game: Essays on Personal Responsibility vs. Excuses Post your views and examples where you or others make excuses, deny the truth, deceive, or are too politically correct. Please see my book, Blame Game.

Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order now When I think about law enforcement, the thoughts that come to mind are to protect and serve its citizens, its people, and the innocent. They blame everything on you and make you feel like you did everything wrong so you will do what they want.

It is all a game and we are the .

The blame game essay
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