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Garner, has accomplished something quite remarkable. The authors are well able to demolish straw men, but if you want advice on a subtle point, they are unlikely to be of any practical help.

I also hate Strunk white the elements and White. Good luck with that. Do not use dialect unless your ear is good. Tenney revised it as The Elements and Practice of Composition This requires not that the writer make all his sentences short, or that he avoid all detail and treat his subjects only in outline, but that he make every word tell.

I have the same problem. I welcome constructive advice that helps me attain that goal. The final reminder, the 21st, "Prefer the standard to the offbeat", is thematically integral to the subject of The Elements of Style, yet does stand as a discrete essay about writing lucid prose.

One can only wonder by whose authority these two gentlemen were anointed God. People become blind to the internal inconsistencies within the text, it gets quoted with the kind of self-righteous zeal characteristic to "true believers" and to similar ends.

Inat The New Yorkerthe style guide reached the attention of E. Write with nouns and verbs. He or She", in Chapter IV: But she really should have said no to this particular project. It is often so misguided that the authors appear not to notice their own egregious flouting of its own rules Ms Kalman is a delightful artist, whose work elsewhere I greatly admire.

When dining out, they amuse each other by pointing out typos on the menu. Having trouble figuring out whether your ear is "good", your adverb is "awkward", or your writing is "over"?

I think its author, Bryan A. Harcourt republished it in page format in Vigorous writing is concise. I hate sloppy writing.

The Fadimans all belong to that tribe whose members cannot read without simultaneously copy-editing. Her illustrations are occasionally pretty, sometimes baffling, but generally pointless.

The need for correction is so glaringly obvious that the examples have little instructive value. Five years later, the fourth edition text was re-published as The Elements of Style Illustratedwith illustrations by the designer Maira Kalman.

White, an afterword by the American cultural commentator Charles Osgooda glossary, and an index. The third edition of The Elements of Style features 54 points: When I read, typographical and grammatical errors leap off the page, assailing my eyeballs, demanding to be noticed.

He has written a usage guide that gives writers clear, concrete, reasoned advice, without being overly dogmatic or erring on the side of sloppiness.

Their famous motto, "Omit needless words", is fatuous and has absolutely no practical value. Use figures of speech sparingly. Whitewho had studied writing under Strunk in but had since forgotten "the little book" that he described as a "forty-three-page summation of the case for cleanliness, accuracy, and brevity in the use of English".

The examples used to illustrate "bad" style in the book are generally ludicrously bad. The stylistic tips that are not simply platitudinous are often just silly, hopelessly vague, or reflective of the long outdated prejudices of a couple of old white dudes.William Strunk Jr.

was a professor of English at Cornell University and, together with E.B. White, author of The Elements of Style ().

Other books in the series Elements of Composition Series (6 books)/5. The Elements of Style Oliver Strunk Contents FOREWORD ix INTRODUCTION xiii E. B.

The Elements of Style

White. Each Tuesday he seemed to be saying. At least I got the elements right. This edition has been modestly updated, with word processors and air conditioners making their first appearance among White's references, and with a light redistribution of.

Apr 17,  · This year marks the 50th anniversary of Strunk and White's much-loved The Elements of Style. But Geoffrey K.

Elements of Style, The, 4th Edition

Pullum won't be Geoffrey K. Pullum. E.

B. White was a student in Professor Strunk's class at Cornell, and used "the little book" for himself. Commissioned by Macmillan to revise Strunk's book, White edited the and editions of The Elements of Style.

The Elements of Style Strunk, W., Jr. and White, E.B. CONTENTS red, white, and blue honest, energetic, but headstrong He opened the letter, read it, and made a note of its contents.

This is also the usage of the Government Printing Office and of the Oxford University Press. Apr 24,  · The list price for Strunk’s ELEMENTS OF STYLE is $, and the price on Amazon for the Strunk & White version of THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE is $ The risk of a student failing to grasp a few of the rules in ELEMENTS is low.

Strunk white the elements
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