Snowmen at night writing activity for first grade

It helps to teach children in reading and writing in many ways.

Snowmen at Night Interactive Read-Aloud

You could even use cotton balls to count- or put in cotton balls and sight words and have the kids pull out a sight word to read.

For a detailed look at each unit, be sure to look at the preview of the product within the listing or zoom in on this pin. The kids spin the spinner on the middle portion of the snowman and collect that amount of ones cubes…or whatever kind of counter you want!

Together we brainstormed things from the text that the snowmen did at night and then the students chose three of those to write and draw on the snowman. I chose grin from the story and modeled how to complete the graphic organizer, then I gave the students a new word.

Sound it out- CVC. Now is the time to get cheap Christmas lights, too! For those of you who have purchased my Place Value Mystery Pictures …and those of you who have downloaded the free preview…I apologize.

Reading Comprehension and Writing Unit for Snowmen at Night and Snowmen at Work- reading activities and 2 writing units with rubrics included CollectCollect this now for later carlani Reading comprehension and writing workshop binders For the Classroom CollectCollect this now for later vivian Comprehension Passages with text based questions.

So here are a couple of the finished products. Fun reading and writing activities. Hand your child the crayon and ask them to make stars, shooting stars or snowflakes in the sky.

You can learn more about how I use text dependent questions to guide the daily read-aloud focus here. Following each topic are second read, third read, and writing response activities. After these pieces were glued on, the kids made a nose, eyes, and mouth.

If you think you would like to try this cute little activity out in your classroom, you can download the writing paper we used by clicking HERE.

Winter Writing Paper

Each day is structured with a different focus as we read the story. This free printable includes comprehension, fluency, vocabulary and writing. I love crafts that are quick and easy- and so cute. On the first day I had students complete a simple and fun snowman shaped graphic organizer to recall key ideas and details from the story.

I finally sat down to read it to my daughter at her school last week. These are so cute. I had my students share what they like to drink at night with their partner using a conversation stick. When we added the glue for it I narrated that the moon goes in the sky, also pointing out at the sky from the window.

While she did that I cut out a nose from the scrap paper. We discussed the new word together and they completed their own graphic organizer. These could also be included in literacy centers or given as weekly homework. Again, these would make cute magnets or even reading pointers!

I got the original idea from one of my favorite websites, Little Giraffes.

Snowmen at Night Lesson Plans & Activities Package, First Grade (CCSS)

Then let her do what she wanted. We read one of my favorites, Snowmen at Night, and imagined what it would be like to be a snowman in that story. My students loved deciding what they like to drink before they go to bed. I love the whimsical illustrations with fun points of view that makes the reader feel like they are in on a real secret.

These would be perfect for my Seurat Artist Study with pointillism!Rolled up in our snowman craft is sequence writing, science, drawing, art, poetry, rhyming, and language arts. It’s the perfect addition to your snowman literacy units for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade!

Dec 12,  · Snowmen at Christmas Writing Prompts Snowmen at Christmas by Caralyn and Mark Buehner is such a fun book for sparking imagination in writing workshop! What would your snowman do at night while you are asleep?Author: Literacy Minute.

A writing activity perfectly paired with "Snowmen at Night". Using a snowman graphic organizer students will brainstorm 3 things their snowman may do while they are asleep at night.

Then they will write a narrative about what their snowman did!4/5(91). Snowmen Literacy Unit: Reading Comprehension and Writing Unit for Snowmen at Night!! by Patricia Parcks on This lesson plan activity package for Snowmen at Night comes complete with All of the lesson plans and activities included in this package are aligned to the Common Core Standards for first grade.

Snowman Crafts, Activities, Games, and Printables

The lesson plans use Snowmen at Night as a springboard for instruction and can be for Snowmen at Night Lesson Plans & Activities Package. These are our favorite snowman books for preschool and kindergarten.

We hope you find some new favorites! Start here; About; This is such a fun book about snowmen who gather for a party to celebrate the first snow.

First Grade The Holiday Season Worksheets and Printables

The best part of all are the illustrations, which completely captured us. Snowmen at Night, by Caralyn Buehner.

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Snowmen at night writing activity for first grade
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