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Oakland became a city known to foster creativity thanks to the work of so many collaborating individuals and groups.

The increase will more than triple our current rate.

Rock Paper Scissors

We remain committed to fostering an inclusive artistic community accessible to everyone regardless of their income level, perceived ability, or socio-economic status. Will they be as community focused? These types of intentional and inclusive actions drew international attention as First Friday grew to be one of the best-attended arts events in the country, drawing upwards of 20, visitors to the area every month who spend tens of thousands of dollars on art, music, and food supporting Oakland businesses and artists.

Will they stand in solidarity with the people of Oakland, as we have? Only with the help and support of the community can we continue to ensure a safe and open space for everyone.

Rock Paper Scissors Collective

Please contact us, community [at] rpscollective. Rock Paper Scissors Collective will continue, despite this. Eleven years ago we could afford market value for the space, but thanks to our success in building a vibrant community in downtown, market rate is now far out of reach.

We are being priced out of our space not because of anything we have done, but simply due to the cold calculus of gentrification. We have been a reliable, consistent tenant for over ten tumultuous years, as businesses opened and closed, as the country went through war and recession, as Oakland and the Bay Area went from boom to bust and back again.

While the original spaces that created the artistic explosion in Oakland have closed down, RPSC continues to foster the spirit of building community through the celebration of art, skillshare and performance.

Payment was on a sliding scale so no one was left behind because they were unable to pay. A group of artists, crafters, organizers and makers found a vacant little storefront among a sea of vacancies.

We provide a space for everyone to feel comfortable and invited. We will find a new space here in Oakland, and continue to build and support a diverse community of artists, crafters, performers and makers. This space has become attractive to wealthier tenants BECAUSE of the years of hard work we have put in building a community of engaged artists, musicians, and performers, and as a reward we are being kicked out to make way for a wealthier class of renters.

Our lease is being terminated after ten years at the same location. With a little volunteer elbow-grease and fundraising effort, the Rock Paper Scissors Collective RPSC was born — a destination where the community could come together, organize, share skills, knowledge and create.

There is more money to be made in this space from something other than community-driven art, and that is enough and more than enough to push us out the door. Artists could showcase their work to an organized audience and share promotional materials, local crafters could sell their work, experimental performers could establish and gain recognition for work with little bureaucracy.

Telegraph Avenue is rapidly transforming, and enjoys its current attractiveness due in large part to the events started by Rock Paper Scissors Collective.

Now, after more than a decade in the same location, we are being forced out of our space on Telegraph and 23rd to make way for a new vision of the transforming neighborhood.

Building an exciting, creative, and challenging neighborhood has been a long term project. ALL were welcome in the space.

Rock Paper Scissors Is Priced Out: End of an Era for Oakland Art Scene

We have hosted thousands of shows, concerts, and classes, on everything from Street Art to programming, from activism to zines, featuring artists and musicians from around the East Bay.Rock Paper Scissors Collective: Employer Identification Number (EIN) Name of Organization: Rock Paper Scissors Collective: Address: Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA Subsection.

The Rock Paper Scissors Collective is an Oakland-based, all volunteer-run organization that fosters creativity and collaboration to strengthen local communities and encourage sustainable practices and alternative promote the sharing of ideas, skills, and resources through the celebration of art, craft, education, and performance.

Rock Paper Scissors Collective is Moving Eleven years ago, downtown Oakland was home to mom and pop shops, socio-economically diverse, occasionally dangerous; a sometimes eccentric, sometimes wonderful, and always dynamic community.

Rock Paper Scissors (“RPS”) is one of the premier film and commercials editing companies in the world. Founded by Angus Wall and Executive Producer, Linda Carlson, we are a creative editorial boutique that has studios in Santa Monica and New York.

Rock Paper Scissors Collective is an Art Collective. Rock Paper Scissors Collective hosts free and low cost community workshops, and Icarus Project Support Group, Rock Paper Scissors has a youth program, collaborated on social justice art exhibitions and other community based events.

Rock Paper Scissors Collective, an Oakland-based volunteer cooperative offering free and low-cost art classes to the community, has .

Rock paper scissors oakland
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