Percieved factors affecting the grades of

Getting to and from school remains a paramount challenge. At junior high level, a total of 30, students made a successful pass out of the 49, that sat for the exams [ 6 ].

Factors That Affect Student Performance

In addition, the issues of access, quality, governance, and management need to be enhanced for better educational service delivery for improved student learning outcomes.

Pupils must be repeatedly reminded to learn for their own good and the good of the society; hence, there is no need for bribery and other academic malpractice to get higher scores. Table 5 shows descriptive and independent samples -test statistical results of participants in line with gender.

Consultations were made at national and school levels. Going to school might be viewed as a matter of satisfying parents and avoiding negative chastisements from the community.

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The results showed the motivational belief component of extrinsic goal orientation as the most preferred belief and test anxiety was the least possessed belief. FREE Liberia is a registered and duly accredited not-for-profit NGO aimed at improving lives through quality research, education, and empowerment.

For strategy use, the descriptive statistics on the mean differences showed slight variations in various strategy use. This rejects our hypothesis that poor learning facilities and harassment were going to top the list of learning hindrances.

A Percieved factors affecting the grades of number of education stakeholders believes inputs in the sector do not commensurate with student attainment in regional exams.

Hence, there are good prospects and big room for improvement. The questionnaire was pretested. Our specific hypotheses include the following. Policy-making and programs must be informed by these research findings, and not by mere intuitions or presuppositions. Appertaining access distance to and from schoolthe finding of this study is consistent with one of the challenges identified by the Ministry of Education to be impeding efforts to have every child in school, according to Gbollie et al.

Abstract The nature of motivation and learning strategy use is vital to improving student learning outcomes. In their wisdom, extraordinary actions were needed to redeem the sector, reemphasizing the necessity for collectivism to mend the sector.

In addition, teachers should assist their students to clearly understand the need for them to build up beliefs like task value, self-efficacy for learning and performance, intrinsic goal orientation, and control for learning beliefs as well as use of critical thinking, effort regulation, and peer and help seeking strategies to enhance their learning process.

Therefore, future study must consider such combination of both students self-reports and their academic achievements. Liberian junior and senior high school students were less self-efficacious and would be extrinsically motivated to learn.

Furthermore, this research did not consider all strategy use components by students. The grant provided resources for strengthening the management capacity and accountability in the education sector.

Conclusion This research has provided valuable contributions to literature. Nevertheless, help seeking strategies for asking for assistance from peers or instructors when needed remain the least strategy component considered.

Students are found to be more extrinsically motivated, even though they value tasks. Hence, a number of recommendations and implications for action and future research are proffered. From Table 5female students showed significant differences for worrying about life challenges poverty female: In addition, it can be clearly pointed out that rehearsal strategies were preferred over effort regulation strategies by participants of the study and this was statistically significant.

Student-Related Factors There are some reasons for poor performance that are specific or related to the students and not related to external factors.

The sector, like many others, was seriously affected as a result of years of civil unrests, resulting in the destruction of learning facilities and lack of qualified teachers as well as libraries and laboratories to promote smooth teaching and learning in Liberia.

Accordingly, the Liberian Education Law requires for Basic Education of the country, which comprises grades 1—9, to be free and compulsory [ 3 ], though the compulsion part is not being fully implemented due to limited access to learning facilities, among other constraints.

View at Google Scholar B. Learning hindrances identified by students. For example, self-efficacy influences how learners feel, think, motivate themselves, and behave [ 17 ].Education Research International is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that considers scholarly, research-based articles on all aspects of education.

As an international journal aimed at facilitating the global exchange of education theory, contributions from different educational systems and cultures are encouraged.

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The Different Factors Affecting Students Academic Performance Education Essay. Print Reference this. In this study the literature search for factors affecting students’ academic performance will be concentrated on student’s characteristics, parent’s characteristics, teacher’s characteristics and college factors.

Factors in the. Social Media Network Participation and Academic Performance In Senior High Schools in Ghana Social Media Network Participation and Academic Performance in Senior High Schools in Ghana the duration of education, quality of teaching, teaching methods etc.

were seen as factors that might be affecting performance of students negatively in. However, by grouping factors according to sources, you can begin to identify where specific performance factors come from and how they intertwine with each other. Factors That Affect Student Performance.

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Percieved factors affecting the grades of
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