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As her blood falls into the labyrinth, a reflection of the moon is seen in the water, separated by part of the stone carving, showing her separation from life and the real world.

Finally, the dictatorial aspects of the Pan faun are also able to be seen as Vidal-like characteristics. The moon is a heightened symbol of time running out in fantasy, its natural marking of the passage of time is indicative of the good earthy feel to the underworld.

First is a fantasy level. Ofelia tells the faun that Pans labyrinth essay will not hurt her brother, however Vidal interferes when he appears in the labyrinth, takes the child, and kills Ofelia.

My prior feelings of the film were that it was much too tragic and crude for my personal taste. This time the Pan is too strong for her, and he leaves her fate to the real world; to Vidal.

The parallel between reality and fantasy is undeniable. But it is not prowess, it is cowardice and shows fascism to be an idea without morals or principles.

She is unaware of his callous intentions. Ofelia finds a stone the ground that has an eye on it and her curiosity causes her to wander off the road where she finds a statue missing an eye.

Thus, she decides to leave her underworld home. Guillermo uses stylistic techniques and plays with our expectations concerning the portrayal of light, composition, camera angles as well as characters and sounds to make his point.

The blue filter casts out most of the background behind him and exaggerates the mystery about Pan. Although not all his viewers have been exposed to fascism, we are educated through allusion and symbolism in the fantastical world to loathe the fascism Vidal represents.

Ofelia later discovers that this insect is disguised as a fairy, and it introduces her to a faun who lives inside the labyrinth.

Del Toro aims to drive that out of our system in a way that connects with the essence of our childhood; fairytales.

The faun believes that Ofelia embodies the spirit of Princess Moanna, and gives her 3 tasks to complete before the full moon in order to determine this. The noting of time in two different ways suggests the coming of death for Ofelia and even the fascist regime.

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This is most apparent at the end of the film when Ofelia is lying in the labyrinth close to death. While being raised by his grandmother, del Toro during his teen years started to develop a liking in filmmaking. Ofelia proves to the audience that there is beauty in rebellion and the mystery that lies within the incomprehensible depths of our imaginations can serve to overcome our mental battles, helping us to rebel outside ourselves.

The faun is not seen in the resolution when a point of view shot from Vidal looks at Ofelia; the faun is missing. However, this could be a direct response to the war; there is an indication that his own father instilled cruelty into him, and that these tendencies are enhanced by the war itself.

Ofelia has overcome death as she overcame the fascist will of Vidal to dictate wherever and whomever he chose. He directed this film as to make a statement about the lengths that children will go to in order to protect themselves and the ones they love in times of extreme hardship.

However, that is what sets this film from the others.Pan's Labyrinth uses a special type of fantasy world. The main character, Ofelia, travels to a different dimension seeking a better life. In the beginning of the movie she was feeling betrayed and lonely.

Essay about Pan's Labyrinth.

Pan’s Labyrinth

Pans labyrinth is an intense movie of a young girl struggles to break free of the restraints of being a child and the cruelties of living through Spanish fascism. Pans labyrinth is anything but your ordinary ‘time filling’ movie.

It has great depth and an intricate web of occult and archetypal symbols. Nov 16,  · Pan's Labyrinth Essay - Excellence To what extent is the use of fantasy crucial to the success of Pan’s Labyrinth?

Thesis Statement: the fantastical world is crucial to opening up a new angle in which to see the real world, heightening the controlling and truly evil aspects of fascism and human desire for power without losing.

Pan’s Labyrinth has incorporated all of these themes in order to tell the story of Ofelia and Princess Moanna, and done so effectively. Therefore it is an excellent example of the fantasy genre. Therefore it is an excellent example of the fantasy genre. Pan's Labyrinth Film Analysis Essay Words | 5 Pages Vanessa Salfen 6/29/ Visual Analysis Pan’s Labyrinth: A Visual Analysis Pan’s Labyrinth, originally titled El laberinto del fauno, was published in by the Spanish director Guillermo del Toro.

Pan's Labyrinth is a fairy tale; therefore, if Ofelia is the Princess, she must have a Prince.

Pan’s Labyrinth Film Analysis

Unfortunately, this is not a Disney film. Unlike Snow White, Ofelia does not have The Prince to save her and lead her to the wonderful life waiting for her in the Underworld.

Pans labyrinth essay
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