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Page 4 In a moment Lennie came crashing back through the brush to page 6 he looked ashamedly at the flames.

When he has to take the dead mouse away from Lennie a second time, George moans at the hardship of taking care of Lennie. The first man stopped in the clearing, and the follower nearly ran over him. We got a future. I swear you hadda. Curley s Wife comes into the barn to talk to Lennie. It is worth 16 marks.

He is very gentle and kind, and would never harm anyone or anything deliberately. Lennie watched them go. Look closely at the extract for language that will answer the question you have been asked.

One other place when their relationship is explored in a significant way is when George is talking to Slim at the start of Section Three. Old Candy lay down in the hay and covered his eyes with his arm. They left all the weak ones here, she said finally.

This shows that their relationship is a close one, despite how George seems to behave when Lennie is actually around. He cautions Lennie and Candy not to tell anyone. Why are all of the workers frightened to talk to her? Choose one other extract where Slim is shown to be a powerful character.

Slim The leader of the mule team whom everyone respects. George tells Lennie his favourite story and shoots him in the head.

Of Mice and Men (John Steinbeck)

What could they do better? Curley and Carlson plan to find him and shoot him.

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Choose an extract which describes another important relationship in the novel. How is he treated? Curley The son of the ranch owner, Curley is a mean little guy who picks fights with bigger guys like Lennie.

Page 6 Lennie spoke craftily to page 7 two spoons and passed one of them to Lennie. It is very difficult to write about a whole novel in an exam, even with the book there to help you. Lennie can be easily controlled by firm but calm instructions, as Slim finds out.

What do they like to do? Do not, however, merely retell narrative the story without comment. He finds the smell of an old dog offensive so the dog must be shot. Paragraph 6 Look at the incident in the barn. Ask your teacher for past exam papers so that you can practise writing in timed examination conditions.

As they spread out, George alone goes straight for the riverside where he finds Lennie. You should spend 40 minutes on it. She is lonely - there are no other women to talk to and Curley is not really interested in her. What does George think of Lennie?

Furthermore, he is described as walking heavily, an adjective which reinforces Lennie s large size, almost as if he is so large it is difficult for him to pick up his feet as he walks. How does Lennie feel about George? Finally, Steinbeck s use of animal imagery in this quotation the way a bear drags his paws suggests again that Lennie is very large as he is compared to famously large creature.

How true is this for the characters in Of Mice and Men? Here are some ideas. He said proudly, You wouldn t think it to look at him now, but he was the best damn sheep dog I ever seen.Of Mice and Men is a novella by John Steinbeck that was first published in Attached in this post are essays relating to Of Mice and Men and Blood Brothers.

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Thousands of free & premium Revision Notes, Sample Answers, Quizzes, & more. Of Mice and Men 3 Loneliness Most of the characters either face loneliness (Curley's wife, Crooks, Candy), fear it (George and Lennie) or are lonely without realising it (Curley).

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Of mice and men re3vision
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