New technology in computer hardware 2011

Everyone agrees the phrase is a bit of a catch-all. Quark VR have said they have been working with HTC and Valve on a wireless prototype which replaces the wires or the Vive, and TPCast have been doing pre-orders on their version, so if we get anything appearing at CES it will probably be the same device but with wireless connectivity.

High-tech ring detects explosives and more The ring consists of two main parts. Massive Intel Chip Security Flaw Threatens Computers January 3, A design flaw in all Intel chips produced in the last decade is responsible for a vulnerability that puts Linux, Windows and macOS-powered computers at risk, according to multiple press reports.

It really is a horrible event, largely because of the timing -- and particularly this year, Las Vegas making it a nightmare to get around -- but man did they have cool stuff at the show. HP also showcased capabilities that are something just short of magic.

Kaby Lake is the optimisation of their 14nm Skylake processor design, the third generation of chips built on their 14nm node. With the goal of providing a consistent foundation for hybrid cloud environments, RHEL 7.

The software is turned off by default. Other than that we expect it will come with a host of PCIe lanes, lots of M. Among presentation highlights were Nvidia showcasing a whopping inch gaming monitor TV. New Web format seeks to make your passwords obsolete It looks like soon users will be able to use iPhone-like FaceID authentication to log into websites.

You will also be seeing a lot more HDR-ready monitors over the course of the next 12 months too. It looks like a really basic drag and drop music creation tool, optimised for touch. AMD could only really compete on price, not performance after betting the farm on a heavily multithreaded future that never materialised.

August 1, Novel chip keeps time using the constant, measurable rotation of molecules as a timing reference. The new release comes two years after the introduction of its predecessor, the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

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The patch is available for macOS High Sierra August 23, CSAIL wireless system suggests future where doctors could implant sensors to track tumors or even dispense drugs. There have been a few complaints about how tricky it can be to set up the current sensors, so a streamlined option would be welcome.

From now on there will only be incremental updates as they try and move towards an approach of Windows being more of a service than a product.

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August 27, Study of practitioners distills key recommendations about using technology to advance social justice and the public interest.

Of Course Google Is Biased September 3, I once took a market research class that focused on the identification and elimination of bias. The company has been working on a similar tool to detect Spectre vulnerability attacks.

The Turing architecture enables a new generation of hybrid rendering that can be used to create cinematic-quality interactive experiences.

This success comes at a time when kids appear to be increasingly at risk from rogue school shooters and the United States government seems deadlocked on gun control. That led me to yelling "Hey, Siri" until the familiar chime sounded.

New technology for 2017: all the PC gear to look out for this year

The next of these incremental changes is the Creators Update and is due to drop this Spring. Intel has begun rolling out a solution to its industry partners for testing, Shenoy said. What are we likely to get with the Vive 2. August 8, Professor of electrical engineering and computer science is honored for his contributions to theoretical computer science.

The Core i3 K is a dual-core, four-thread processor with an unlocked multiplier and a 4.Here's a closer look at some of the honorees in the category of Computer Hardware, including computer hardware that was honored in the Eco-Design and Sustainable Technology category.

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Computing. FILTER BY: Computing. 5 simple tips to boost your home Wi-Fi. 5 simple tips to boost your home Wi-Fi 'Future smartphone circuits may be printed like newspapers' A new manufacturing technique uses a process similar to.

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New technology for all the PC gear to look out for this year not had for a while is coming back to the PC hardware industry – genuine competition. support for Intel’s new Optane.

New technology in computer hardware 2011
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