Medical tourism in southeast asia essay

According to the STB Singapore Tourism Board Medical tourism in southeast asia essay, international patients come to the country each year for a whole range of medical care from health screenings to high-end surgical procedures in specialities such as cardiology, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, organ transplants, orthopaedics and paediatrics.

After the Asian financial crisis ofthe country took advantage of their well-developed medical infrastructure, and began marketing their health services to international patients seeking high quality, yet low cost health care.

Thailand follows withintra-Asean medical tourists and then comes Singapore withThree hospitals in the region were selected among the top ten hospitals for medical tourists in by the Medical Travel Quality Alliance — its most recent evaluation — which is the kind of high rating that proves to attract numerous foreigners.

Reasons for this steady growth are the large number of world-class healthcare facilities and exceptionally skilled, internationally accredited medical professionals across the country. Revenues from medical services and tourist activities including the costs of accommodation, shopping and transportation are set to grow by 30 percent to 1.

Inmedical expenditure generated from travellers was Technological advancements, the rise of social media and customer-focused services are making information more transparent to consumers as consumers are more willing to seek and pay for elective treatments overseas due to enhanced connectivity and the ease of travel.

As a coordinating agency, the Medical tourism in southeast asia essay strives to facilitate the focused development of the healthcare travel sector in Malaysia, which includes building strategic public-private partnerships domestically and abroad in a bid to create easier access to Malaysian healthcare for international patients.

Malaysia also offers health travellers a range of alternative medicine options, such as traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Shiatsu, reflexology and acupuncture, and the country is well known for its outstanding spas, beach resorts, and nature retreats.

Over the years, these countries have taken various initiatives to strengthen their capabilities and improve in terms of infrastructure including hospital facilities to capture a share in the medical tourism market.

Seeing the doctor, overseas: What drives medical tourism in the region? Insurance portability also allows consumers to port their benefits with another insurer of their choice which enables them to enjoy health benefits provided by hospitals in other countries in a more cost-effective way.

Twenty-one hospitals, medical centres and medical organisations in Singapore have obtained the JCI Joint Commission International accreditation to-date. Visits to the consultant, an x-ray, a CT scan, an operation — patients end up getting counted several times over for all of these.

The hospital is so well regarded that the US has designated it as their on-call hospital during presidential visits to South Korea.

I felt comfortable coming here," she said. Thailand Medical tourism in Thailand is also thriving due to the low-cost yet high quality medical treatments offered by hospitals in the country. Future growth is expected from the wealthy Middle East. With a whoppingheart surgeries, organ transplants, and thousands of hip resurfacing surgeries under their belt, Apollo is one of the most experienced centres in the world in terms of volume of medical procedures.

Singapore Safety, efficiency, and excellent healthcare are all qualities that Singapore possesses, and as such, it has become a major international player in the globalization of healthcare. The following are comparisons of common treatments and procedures medical travelers undergo in Asia.

Cost Comparison of Surgical Treatments and Procedures Cost is a major factor when considering medical treatment outside your home country. Thailand is stepping up efforts to tap into the growing Chinese market, while in Malaysia, Indonesians remain the main contributor to the growth as Penang and Kuala Lumpur will continue to be hubs for medical tourism.

Thailand Thailand is one of the true pioneers of medical tourism in Asia. Globally, medical tourism is huge, and Southeast Asia is an industry hotspot. May 19, Business Southeast Asia is a well-known medical tourism destination. The company also recently opened a new branch near the border with Singapore to entice patients from the more affluent city-state.

According to their reports, Singapore receives overmedical tourists per year. I would definitely recommend it," Alexandria Garvie, 61, said from her hospital bed in Kuala Lumpur after a tummy tuck.

Low costs, ease of entry into the country, multicultural and multi-lingual staff and experienced specialists with internationally recognized qualifications are just a few of the reasons patients may choose Malaysia for medical treatment.

Malaysia set up a special body in to streamline and organise industry players. Increasingly, major Asian players like India, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand are aggressively promoting treatments at up to 80 percent savings compared to developed nations, with some companies arranging package trips that combine a nose job with a little beach time.

Malaysia Malaysia has gained the reputation of being one of the most preferred medical tourism destinations in the region as healthcare services in Malaysia are competitively affordable and of world-class standards. Pollard believes the brain drain is unavoidable. Medical tourism booming in Southeast Asia Premalatha Jayaraman 19 September In this picture taken on December 27,the general view shows Mount Elizabeth medical centre and hospital in Singapore.

More Singaporeans will cross the border for cheaper healthcare services in Malaysia that are reimbursed under MediShield Life.

But in recent years, the number of people travelling to Asia for medical procedures has increased dramatically. During the s and s the country invested heavily in new medical technologies and encouraged medical students and specialists to study and become certified abroad.

Seeing the doctor, overseas: medical tourism booms in Asia

There are many compelling reasons why people the world over are seeking medical attention abroad. Also, cost is important, so they prefer to travel shorter distances.

For example, Mount Elizabeth was the first centre in Southeast Asia to offer stem cell transplant therapy for acute cancers, a procedure that is not readily available many countries. Patients Beyond Borders estimates Singapore draws more than a half-million treatment-seekers annually, mostly from neighbouring Indonesia, where health systems lag.Southeast Asia, in particular, is considered a medical-tourism "sweet spot," with decades of solid economic growth creating high-quality.

Thailand is one of the true pioneers of medical tourism in Asia. During the s and s the country invested heavily in new medical technologies and encouraged medical students and specialists to study and become certified abroad.

Essay about Medical Tourism in Southeast Asia - Demand for healthcare has grown globally, associated with rises in income and education attainment among global populations. Changes in demography, such as aging populations in developed countries and shifts in disease burden from infectious to chronic diseases also stimulate the.

Medical tourism has boomed in Southeast Asia with Thailand most famous for its private hospitals treating a vast range of conditions and drawing patients from all over the world. Singapore and Malaysia have also experienced a healthcare tourism boom.

Region’s medical tourism boom fuelled by Southeast Asians

Medical tourism in Southeast Asia is booming as the demand for healthcare services is increasing. The region is expected to be a top medical destination as its healthcare providers are offering cost-effective, high quality medical services.

Southeast Asia is a well-known medical tourism destination. Yet few realise it is regional patients, not those from outside, driving the industry E very year, Indonesians leave their country in droves to access basic medical services they can’t find in their own country.

Medical tourism in southeast asia essay
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