How to write a historical marker app

We also recommend using multiple types of sources during the course of research and, whenever possible, consulting primary source material. Did the marker have words written in a language other than English? Their assignment is to conduct their interview and write their notes for the next session.

Applications are due to the THC from September 1 - November 15; however, we suggest sending completed applications to the CHC no later than August 15 to allow time for the CHC to review the application and even gather additional documentation when necessary.

Some source material is accessible online. Questions to consider when discussing include the following: In order for your marker application to be considered complete, an applicant must contact the owner of the property where the marker will be placed.

Who is likely to visit this area? Using the What is Important about Your Research handout, they will make a list of the most important information about their location, noting what is important and why.

Was it a popular place for young people? Students will then write more specific questions based on their location: Who do you think would not visit this area?

Keep in mind that the application form is the easiest part of the process and consists of mainly contact information. How did you get to the theatre? The teacher will comment and return to students at the next session. This research paper must be complete, orderly, concise and fully documented with endnotes or footnotes.

For a city park Who or what is the park named after? The information will help you prepare a narrative for a variety of topics, including structures RTHLscemeteries, individuals, events, churches, communities, World War II topics, and institutions.

Historical Markers and Mobile App

The key to summarizing information is to look at all of the information and discover what a reader must know to understand why that place is important. Teachers may also assign students to finish their assignments and bring them back the next day.

What else did it have? CHCs receive anywhere from one to 30 marker applications each year depending on the size and interest-level of their county. Who created the marker?

Historical Marker iPhone App Maps the Roadside Markers Along Your Route

Share that the key to a good interview is to find someone knowledgeable about the topic and to have prepared good questions for them to answer. What memories do you have of this location? Please download our handy website list to view websites that may assist in your research.

Were there any errors you noticed on the marker? Guide topics include how to access and use Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, photographic collections, oral history, and census records, as well as other source materials.

How to Apply for a Historical Marker

How often could you go? Profile Publisher may be used to help students draft profiles of historical people or places. Teachers will grade students using the Writing a Historical Marker rubric.

Help students think about people they know and would feel comfortable asking questions.

Not Your Usual History Lesson: Writing Historical Markers

Is there anything you think the marker did not include that it should have? Are there other parks like it in town? Where is this marker located? Here are the three major steps to complete a THC historical marker application.

Did it always look like this? Students will include their picture or drawn image of their location with their finished draft for display. Show a picture of a historical marker that is in their town, community, near the school, or so forth. Share an image of one and move into a discussion about these:The most important section of a historical marker application is the narrative history.

A narrative history is simply a research paper that documents the significance of the property or topic. This research paper must be complete, orderly, concise and fully documented with endnotes or footnotes. Feb 12,  · Also, please note that Historical Markers aggregates data from the Historical Marker Database and the U.S.

National Registry of Historic Places. If a local marker is not in either of these databases, it will not appear in the app/5(8). The app works on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and costs $ to download.

A portion of the sales, says creator Dzine Apps, will be donated. Not Your Usual History Lesson: Writing Historical Markers. write a historical marker by following class guidelines about what constitutes a good historical marker.

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How to write a historical marker app
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