Football in islam essay

In football hours pass and the player is not aware of the time. Aside from these major distinctions, one fact remains clear: Sport, when viewed from this same perspective, has a very similar effect.

God and the game: Religion and sports

Each is played on a large rectangular field and based on rules that evolved in the 19th century. What I advise our brothers to do is to make good use of their time, for time is the most precious of wealth.

Broken windows and looting in Toronto after a hockey game cannot rival the thousands of people killed Football in islam essay in Israeli and Palestinian bombings. Upon recognizing the dangerous effects this has had, if a Muslim were to cry over this incident, it would be normal for him to do so.

Fans of sports teams come from different socioeconomic groups, live in geographically separated areas, and work in varied blue-collar and white-collar occupations Coakley Tackles that are legal in American football would constitute a foul in soccer. As a significant component of human society, sport has been the cause of violence between groups of people, just as religion has also had the same effect.

Personally, as a devoted football fan, I write this article with a great burden upon my heart. Which so blatantly is the case in football. Is it permissible to watch football soccer games on television? Ihtiraaf in Arabic means seeking to earn a living, or seeking a profession in order to earn money.

Firstly, on the basis of squandering wealth. This applies especially if we realize what is involved in taking football as a profession, such as travelling to kaafir countries to play against international teams.

Outdoor league soccer played under the rules of FIFA, the international governing body of soccer, only permits three substitutes per game, while football allows unlimited substitutions during stoppages in play. Offside rules in each sport require the team on offense to move down the field in rough unison, employing clever tactics rather than cherry-picking to elude the defense.

Firstly, there are three conditions: Always looking for a loophole in which I may be able to dodge the issues these injunctions present me with.

If that is done as training for jihad and attack and retreat, or for physical fitness, or to ward off chronic diseases and strengthen the spirit, then it comes under the heading of permissible things, if the one who does it has a sound intention.

Conclusion Throughout this booklet, I have mentioned the negative aspects, which would make football impermissible by bringing the view of a leading jurist. It has even gone so far that some spectators attack some players, which could go as far as murder, as happened in a match a few months ago.

C were caught dog fighting in the relegation zone. These results are the opposite of what Islam promotes of tolerance, friendship and brotherhood, and cleaning hearts and souls of hatred, resentment and grudges. What is the ruling on women watching football matches for entertainment and to support a team?

Soccer players wear jerseys, shorts, shinguards and cleats, while football players wear uniforms, helmets and shoulder pads. He should keep himself busy with useful things that will benefit him in this world and in the Hereafter. This alone is sufficient reason to disallow it. This includes rules regarding the awrah, those parts of the body not to be exposed in public.

It should also be noted that settling in kaafir countries is haraam, and it is not permissible except in cases of need, subject to certain conditions which have been explained in question no.

Shaytaan has enchanted us through their devious tricks. To make the Muslims fully aware that salvation only remains in following their footsteps, a salvation of this world and the Hereafter.

While many people believe that sports are much less important than religion, and this may be true in a moral or spiritual sense, the actions of the multitudes speak louder than their words.

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Read an Aug.

29,Washington Post story about how religion shapes football, and vice versa, at the University of Mississippi. Check out the new version of Islam Q&A Is it permissible to watch football (soccer) games on television?

Is it allowed to women to watch football games on Television?. Published Date: Praise be to Allaah. The Football Lads Alliance (FLA the capital in to protest against Islamic extremism and attacks across the UK RSS Text-based site Reader Prints Our Papers Top of page Daily Mail Mail on.

Football in islam essay
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