Examples of reasonable adjustments

He was reviewed by the postural care service and they found that Matthew was not weight bearing through either buttock, the seat was too long and did not accommodate his limited right hip flexion.

A shop worker who had undergone a hip operation had requested numerous times that the company provide her with a stool behind the shop counter, so that she could sit from time to time to ease her pain.

Examples of reasonable adjustments and case studies

Two years after that she also had surgery on her left Achilles tendon to improve her foot position and passive ankle movement. The outcome of this visit was a general agreement that the mould shape was good length shaved back to allow his to sit into the seat but it was not soft enough for him.

Discrimination in everyday life

This duty arises at any time before, during or after the employment relationship when the employer puts a disabled person at a substantial disadvantage in comparison with individuals who are not disabled.

The success of the work in Wakefield is evidenced by improved physical results seen in the children on the postural care pathway.

One of the main barriers was to secure funding for night time equipment. Within the NHS Grampian area, the initial family carer had gone on to become a trainer herself, secure funding through Carers Information Strategy and work in partnership with a physiotherapist to deliver postural care accredited training to more families and professionals in the area.

The change in the referral system meant that supporters had to notice the issue and make an appropriate referral. One of the physiotherapists worked with the Learning Disability liaison nurse at the Royal Derby Hospital to put forward a case of need for the hospital to have its own systems available for anyone to use.

The Postural Care Interest Group is a small working group of occupational therapists and physiotherapists from across the Trust. For some individuals the changes in their body shape are irreversible and therefore the goal of postural care will be to prevent further distortion, rather than working towards restoration of body shape Hill and Goldsmith, Sensory stories can be used to form part of a bed time routine that incorporates good postural care.

One of the key factors to the success of this work is collaborative multidisciplinary team working that is inclusive of families: He is weight bearing through his bottom, ranges of joint movement have improved and he is sitting fully back in the seat with no pressure problems.

Additionally, the results from their last audit in showed that in Wakefield they had no children or young people with complex needs with a dislocated hip other than one person who moved into the area with existing bilateral hip dislocations.

Emma cannot eat and drink safely without proper support and her mother was concerned about how she would manage without the system. Making reasonable adjustments for job applicants Employers should ask job applicants whether any reasonable adjustments are needed for any part of the recruitment process.

What do people or organisations have to do? The outcomes provide much needed evidence for commissioners that can support the need for continued funding of equipment. For further information please contact Suzanne Carter: Swapping two pieces of equipment In George v H and M Bottomley Ltdthe employment tribunal found that the employer failed to make the reasonable adjustment of providing a van with power-assisted steering that it had available so a sales representative with rheumatoid arthritis could continue to drive.

The three main questions an employer should consider when assessing what reasonable adjustment might be needed, are: The plan says that Anna needs hour postural management and lists what she has at home: If changes are reasonable for that organisation to make, then it must make them.

Seeking funding for a postural care service In Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals Trust the community paediatric team wanted to set up a postural care service.

It is critical to protect normal chest dimensions as reduced internal capacity of the abdomen and thorax increase the risk of respiratory disease, constipation and reflux. When new residents come for assessment at Hollybank the equipment they require is included in the costings for the placement.

However, an assessment showed that the cause of his pain was the amount of time he was spending in his wheelchair, which was negatively impacting on his spinal position.

Night time positioning is an important aspect of good postural care. If surgery is necessary then dates are set together to ensure rehabilitation is available.

What are reasonable adjustments?

Reallocation of a duty a disabled employee cannot do An NHS trust discriminated against a deaf applicant for a position when it failed to consider reallocating telephone work, according to the employment tribunal in Keane v United Lincolnshire Hospital NHS Trust.

View disability discrimination webinar Disability discrimination laws place an active duty on employers to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate the needs of disabled employees. These systems were originally requested for adults with a learning disability but they have been used in Paediatrics, neurology, head injury and on the elderly care wards.

It has a range of policies and procedures and practices to support witnesses and victims of crime who have mental health problems.

Eventually a funding stream through integrated health and social care was established by: Potential routes are the funding authority, self-funding, the exceptional case committee or charitable funding.

Disability discrimination: 10 examples of reasonable adjustments in employment

This meant he was not able to sit fully back and was not sitting comfortably. Efficient communication between home and school is vital.These are all examples of reasonable adjustments.

Letter asking for reasonable adjustments Here is a draft letter to ask for reasonable adjustments from a. A list of the types of reasonable adjustments which may be required and of the factors to be considered when assessing whether or not it.

Examples of what is considered reasonable and how adjustments are implemented into the workplace. Employers must make reasonable adjustments to make sure workers with disabilities, or physical or mental health conditions, aren’t substantially disadvantaged when doing their jobs.

This applies. What is a reasonable adjustment? Reasonable adjustments remove or minimise disadvantages experienced by disabled people. Employers must make reasonable adjustments to ensure disabled people are not disadvantaged in the workplace. However, many adjustments will be simple and inexpensive.

Some examples of. Here are some examples of reasonable adjustments that an employer can make. Reviewing your workload and allocating it to others if required.

Making adjustments to the building (replacing steps with ramps and rails etc.).

Examples of reasonable adjustments
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