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Others might think of a soldier who fights for their country. If Peter had killed Duncan, he would not have been as heroic as he appears to be. At the age of fourteen, Peter was a part of a night protest against Sir Phillip Morton and ended up throwing a stone at him.

Peter had the chance to kill the man but instead just made sure he would not escape. His perseverance, allegiance, and compassionate personality traits exemplify his heroism. Peter had proved that he understood about the malpractice of Sir Phillip Morton that night, ergo the mainstream childhood or background of a hero.

As soon as Kit exposed that she was a girl, the unenvious, remorseful side of Peter started to become visible. The loyalty of a citizen to his or her government or of a subject to his or sovereign. Peter was involved in community outbreaks at a young age, therefore understanding Cue for treason essay meaning of loyalty and being faithful to his country.

Peter is a Hero 8 August Philip Green Peter is a Hero A hero is a person who is admired and idealized for their outstanding courage, achievements, or noble qualities. This was no sunny bathing trip. Peter had two sides to him that led him to be recognized as the protagonist.

The first event in the book introduced the reader to the allegiant character, Peter. If I give up now, and let myself slip down into the sweet peace of green water the queen would be murdered and the kingdom thrown into anarchy. He swims to get away, in order to reveal what he knew about the conspirators.

Once Peter knew this, he was empathetic and began to respect Kit very much. We will write a custom essay sample on Cue for Treason: He demonstrates his loyalty to the queen when he escapes the island where he is held captive to stop the assassination of the sovereign.

What was astonishing was when Peter was held hostage by Anthony Duncan, one of the conspirators, on an island and was able to escape. Peter was given many opportunities to become hostile and malevolent but remained gnostic overall, a hero requires these traits.

Throughout the book, Peter demonstrated the traits of a typical, fictional hero. He showed endurance, loyalty, and empathy during the book and led the reader to always be supporting him and his motives.

I think I panted the words aloud, above the roaring in my ears. From then on, he was perceived as a heroic figure. Kit had run away from home and found herself in theatre, even though women acting was not acceptable at the time.

He won the battle he was personally facing and accomplished what no average boy at his age would. Peter is a Hero Cue for Treason: Everything depended on my reaching that thin line of grey shingle, that fringe of oaks and pine. Peter seems to be obnoxious at the beginning of the book Cue for Treason, especially when the character Kit was introduced and Peter saw her as a threat at the company.

Besides, we owe it to our neighbours to get him away. Peter was obligated to run away in order to protect them. Throughout the duration of the story, Peter did not just swallow the grief, he remained humane and sympathetic.Essay on Treason in the Eye of the Beholder Words | 5 Pages.

There is a fine line between treason and revolution, however when the two come up it very likely that the individual that is being of accused of either can go from one or the other in.

In the novel, Cue for Treason, all characters demonstrate loyalty to each other, knowing it can have a positive or negative outcome. Kit and Peter were loyal to each other throughout the entire the book, strengthening their relationship the whole time.

Cue for Treason Chapter Summaries Ch 1 The farmers have gathered in the middle of the night to destroy Sir Philip’s wall. Sir Philip and his men come along and Peter throws a rock at Sir Philip.

Cue for Treason: Peter is a Hero

One of his men fires and shoots the hat off. The Cue for Treason Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quizzes written by community members like you. In Cue for Treason by Geoffrey Trease, a story of injustice, betrayal, and love is delivered from the perspective of Peter Brownrigg.

Peter is a fourteen year-old Cumberland farm boy in the Elizabe. This shows that Cue for Treason is an action packed, interesting, and well-written book that deserves your attention. Even though this novel, by .

Cue for treason essay
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