Court history and purpose essay

The first state court system for the American colonies was established as early as in Massachusetts. The two types that make up the dual court system are federal and state.

The justices changed a number of times throughout time, Court history and purpose essay after a time it was necessary and was determined that nine justices shall serve on the panel for the court.

Common law and precedent are still practiced today in England and the United States. Courts have the responsibility of punishing wrongdoers, serve as an agency of social control, determines which behaviors may be acceptable, and which deserve severe sanction.

This in fact set off a chain reaction and a decade later county courts were developed and the general court took on the role of a higher court. The development of the dual-court system is changing everyday with new laws and policies put into place to help guide us on the correct path.

Legal codes have changed and evolved over the years, but the use of political authority to enforce such codes remain constant. The federal judicial system, which was established by our Constitution, help paved the way of how things are done in the court system today, especially the creation of the dual-court system.

The early legal codes were harsh and signified a formal law. In was not until when congress gathered to discuss a judicial power for the United States.

This paved the way for many changes. Without courts, those who break the law would have no regard to society and would receive no punishment. Without these in place there would be no checks and balances to assure a smooth and operational court system. The law has been around for decades and hopefully will continue on into the millennia.

Oversight is utilized when the courts need to be involved if a matter becomes an issue or needs attention from the appellate court. Social norms consist of informal and often unspoken rules concerning standards of behavior.

Even though England was the original founders, our nation was in desperate need of changes within the criminal justice court system and keeping this in mind, developed a system that became known by all as the main exclusive jurisdiction.

The United States Dual-Court System The United States has a dual-court system with federal, and state courts, in which the courts closely resemble and complement one another.

Court History and Purpose Essay Sample

Courts are important to the study of criminal justice for adjudication and oversight. A committee of ten men was established in BC to write down the law and that is when the 12 Tables became to exist Siegel, Schmallager, Worrall, When a justice is elected, he or she are allowed to serve the Supreme Court until they retire, are impeached, or has become deceased, in which manner a new justice will be appointed.

With this came the Code of Hammurabi. So on March 4th of that same year the Supreme Court was established as the higher court for America. Lawyers are there to resolve the disputes and reinforce the social norms for the court proceedings.

Common law was written and established by England from past customs, traditions, and precedent. Americans have a fascination with crime shows, figuring out the crime and waiting until the end in hopes to learn the identity of the criminal.

Upper Saddle River, NJ: Adjudication is who will answer for a criminal act and courts provide oversight once a particular matter comes to the attention of a court. The federal courts deal with cases of a broader degree, while the states courts deal with cases involving crimes within their own state borders.

In the United States, our court system is operated by a dual court system. The first American courts were English institutions because the United States was a colony under English rule. However, to understand the court history and purpose one must also move backwards in time and understand the earliest-known example of a formal written legal code.

They created what was known by as a general court system. The roles of the courts are important to the study of criminal justice for two key reasons: Law or legal code dates back as far as the Roman Empire.Court History and Purpose Essay Sample.

Court History and Purpose Americans have a fascination with crime and justice. Televisions in typical households tune in weekly to crime shows such as CSI Miami, Criminal Minds, and Law and Order, which commonly deal with fictional and non-fictional criminals and the treatment in the criminal justice.

Court History and Purpose CJA/ July 28, Court History and Purpose This paper will cover topics such as; what a court is and what the purpose of the court is.

This paper will define the dual court system.

Corrections Purpose And History Essay. Corrections Purpose and History David G. Bonneville II CJA/ August 19, Justina Smith Corrections Purpose and History The purpose of this paper is to allow the reader to gain knowledge on the purpose and history of correction and how it came about.

Court History and Purpose Essay Court History and Purpose CJA/ July 28, Court History and Purpose This paper will cover topics such as; what a court is and what the purpose of the court is.

Court History and Purpose Essay Sample The court system in America has been around since the middle of the ’s and has played a crucial role in the development of how things are done when it comes to the criminal justice side. Court History and Purpose Essay TERESA MORALES Court History and Purpose People in the United States attend court every day for different many reasons.

Those reasons could be for traffic violations, civil law suits, or for unlawful criminal acts.

Court history and purpose essay
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