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The respondents gave an average rating of 7. They are often required by recruitment agencies to pay exorbitant fees, and since they may face deportation if dismissed, many are reluctant to bring complaints against employers. Prior to and during a May visit by Zhang Dejiang, chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, authorities took steps to make it difficult for demonstrators to confront the official.

In Marchlocally unpopular candidate Carrie Lam was voted as the new Chief Executive by a 1,person committee that is overwhelmingly loyal to Beijing. Only 11 of the 70 Legco members are women, and there are no women on the Court of Final Appeal.

All Legco members serve four-year terms. Country report hong kong eased somewhat in the aftermath of the prodemocracy protests and related crackdowns, which had featured a number of physical assaults and cyberattacks on the press.

Meanwhile, additional recordings of council sessions were leaked to the public, partly through other media outlets. Are the national legislative representatives elected through free and fair elections?

These shelters could provide temporary accommodation, counseling, and access to public hospital medical and psychological services to local and foreign victims, regardless of gender or age. Key Developments Country report hong kong In addition, it released an action plan to combat trafficking and enhance protections for foreign domestic workers in March In practice, an assessor will give a filing notice to an entity which has made such notification or any other entity which is considered to be obliged to file a CbC Return.

The move was seen as an attempt to exclude localist candidates. While property rights are largely respected, collusion among powerful businessmen with political connections is perceived as an impediment to fair economic competition. Nevertheless, their increased use of baton charges, pepper spray, and arrests to clear the last groups of protesters that year drew fresh criticism.

Some women in Hong Kong—often with the assistance of their families—deceive Indian and Pakistani men into arranged marriages that involve forced domestic servitude, bonded labor in construction and other physically demanding industries, travel and identity document retention, wage theft, and other forms of abuse via exploitative contracts.

It includes tax cuts for households; allowances for senior citizens and the poor; supportive measures for targeted sectors such as travel agents, hotels and restaurants, aircraft leasing companies, construction; and public spending for youth development.

The government subsidized nine NGO-run shelters to serve victims of violence, abuse, or exploitation, including trafficking victims, including three dedicated to assisting minor victims.

The government continued placing advertisements in newspapers, and distributing anti-trafficking pamphlets in several languages to foreign domestic workers at the airport, through their consulates, and in Filipino and Indonesian language newspaper advertisements.

Police are forbidden by law to employ torture, disappearance, arbitrary arrest and detention, and other forms of abuse. Hong Kong has no freedom of information FOI law. A vaccine is available for anyone over one year of age.

Meanwhile, based on the NPC interpretation, Hong Kong authorities filed cases aimed at disqualifying four prodemocracy Legco members who had already been sworn in and seated. While no major earthquakes have been observed in the area, the risk of a tsunami would be significant if one were to occur.

Hong Kong law did not criminalize all forms of human trafficking and the government relied on various provisions of laws relating to prostitution, immigration, employment, and physical abuse to prosecute trafficking crimes.

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According to an HKJA survey conducted in Januarylocal journalists believe that self-censorship is common. Amid a steady stream of closures, two new independent news outlets were established in Hong Kong in using crowdfunding.

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The labor department operated a hour hotline, which was available for trafficking victims to receive crisis support counseling and assistance with referral to authorities or services.

The results confirmed their status as a small but growing political force, complicating the traditional division between pro-Beijing parties, which won 40 seats, and prodemocracy parties, which won 23 seats. Most of the hundreds of people arrested during the Umbrella Movement were quickly released, although about were later charged.

Hong Kong hosts a vibrant and largely unfettered nongovernmental organization NGO sector, including a number of groups that focus on human rights in mainland China.

The threat from terrorism is very low in Hong Kong. Do cultural, ethnic, religious, or other minority groups have full political rights and electoral opportunities? Is there open and free private discussion? An administrative code—the Code of Access to Information—is intended to ensure open access to government records, but official adherence is inconsistent, prompting local journalists and watchdog groups to urge the government to give freedom of information requirements the force of law.

Investment should also improve due to favorable fiscal policies. However, police dropped an investigation into the abduction of Lee Bo, the bookseller who was allegedly seized in Hong Kong and smuggled across the border to the mainland, at the request of Lee and his family.

The government encouraged victims to participate in the investigation and prosecution of traffickers by offering financial assistance to victims residing overseas to enable their return to Hong Kong as witnesses and offering visa fee waivers to trafficking victims, as well as foreign domestic workers determined to be victims of illegal conduct; the government granted visa fee waivers in Even with accreditation, journalists from the territory have repeatedly been subjected to surveillance, threats, beatings, and occasional jailing when reporting on the mainland.Hong Kong’s Basic Law calls for the election of a chief executive and a unicameral Legislative Council.

Under electoral reforms, the chief executive, who serves a five-year term, is chosen by a 1,member election committee. Automatic Exchange of Country-by-Country Reports. The Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters (the Multilateral Convention) will be the main platform for Hong Kong to exchange CbC Reports with other jurisdictions.

Hong Kong does not allow individuals to obtain permanent residency status as a result of being subjected to trafficking, even if repatriation may constitute a risk of hardship or retribution in the victim’s home country.

Hong Kong's autonomy in its internal governance has decreased over the past two years with Beijing asserting its authority over the region and openly threatening to revoke "one country, two systems". Global Overview includes an overarching summary and key information from the year's report.

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