Company aytch

They found the people of the South in earnest. We thought at that time that we would have given a thousand dollars to have been in the battle, and to have had our arm shot off, so we could have returned home with an empty sleeve.

Now, reader, this is all I know of this grand battle. We felt that we were proving recreant to the instincts of our own manhood, and that we were leaving those who had stood by us on the march and battlefield when they most needed our help.

What was I to do? It was pretty heavy, but Pfifer was "well heeled. The Federals had left some spiked batteries on the hill side, as we were informed by an old citizen, and Lee, anxious to capture a battery, gave the new and peculiar command of, "Soldiers, you are ordered to go forward and capture a battery; just piroute up that hill; piroute, march.

H until he was wounded through the knee Company aytch subsequentially captured by the Federal troops the battle of Perryville.

Company Aytch

I was twenty-one years old then, and at that time I was not married. These are all with the past now, and the North and South have long ago "shaken hands across the bloody chasm. Everything seemed to grow Company aytch the mountains--potatoes, Irish and sweet; onions, snap beans, peas--though the country was very thinly populated.

About night it began to rain. His business is to load and shoot, stand picket, videt, etc. Everywhere Company aytch enemy were advancing; the red clouds of war Company aytch booming up everywhere, but at this particular epoch, I refer you to the history of that period.

They tell of great achievements of great men, who wear the laurels of victory; have grand presents given them; high positions in civil life; presidents of corporations; governors of states; official positions, etc. We were soon on the march, and we marched on and on and on. But Schwartz kept on firing, and at every fire he would yell out, "Yer is yer mool!

Yes; He doeth all things well. It is every word that we will say in behalf of the rights of secession in the following pages. We had no idea of the enervating effect it would have upon our physical systems, and as the water was but little past tepid, we stayed in a good long time.

And we would wonder what all this marching was for, as the war was over anyhow.

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Streak after streak of lightning seemed to be piercing each the other, the one from the north and the other from the south. When those at the head of the water courses come out furiously mad, to coerce those in the direction that water courses run, and to make them take it back.

But they soon found that secession was a bigger mouthful than they could swallow at one gobble.

Co. Aytch: A Confederate Memoir of the Civil War

You have no doubt read of the old Roman soldier found amid the ruins of Pompeii, who had stood there for sixteen hundred years, and when he was excavated was found at his post with his gun clasped in his skeleton hands.

From that day on, every person, almost, was eager for the war, and we were all afraid it would be over and we not be in the fight. It was a free thing, and we pitched in. We are an agricultural people; they are a manufacturing people. By this, I mean that civil law had been suspended; the ermine of the judges had been overridden by the sword and bayonet.

Flags made by the ladies were presented to companies, and to hear the young orators tell of how they Company aytch protect that flag, and that they would come back with the flag or come not at all, and if they fell they would fall with their backs to the field and their feet to the foe, would fairly make our hair stand on end with intense patriotism, and we wanted to march right off and whip twenty Yankees.

A large pool of water arranged so that a person could go in any depth he might desire. I had to stand all night. The soldiers in the whole army got rebellious--almost mutinous--and would curse and abuse Stonewall Jackson; in fact, they called him "Fool Tom Jackson.

Yancy--I write only from memory, and this was a long time ago--took a strange and peculiar notion that the sun rose in the east and set in the west, and that the compass pointed north and south.

But the Yankees are advancing on Manassas. He went to Schwartz and would have killed him had not soldiers interfered and pulled him off by main force.Find great deals on eBay for co. aytch. Shop with confidence. The book 'company aytch' is an excellant story of one mans' life and hardships during the war between the states.

this book tells the everyday life of the common confederate soldier. Guest /5(5). Co. Aytch, Johnson City. likes. A one man play adapted from the book by Sam Watkins. About Samuel R. Watkins. Samuel “Sam” Rush Watkins () was a Confederate soldier during the American Civil War.

He is known today for his memoir Company Aytch: Or, a Side Show of the Big Show, often heralded as one of the best primary sources.

"Co. Aytch" by Sam R. Watkins Part 1 out of 5. homepage; Index of "Co. Aytch" Next part (2) This eBook was produced by Ken Reeder PUBLISHER'S NOTICE.

A classic Civil War memoir, Co. Aytch is the work of a natural storyteller who balances the horror of war with an irrepressible sense of humor and a sharp eye for the lighter side of battle.

It is a testament to one man’s enduring humanity, courage, and wisdom in the midst of death and destruction /5.

Company aytch
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