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How did it make you feel? A HISP student should always defer questions about cultural events to his or her literature teacher. Host a photo display This is a College cultural events option if you want to stage an event in a public place. Explain why you chose to attend the event.

Students are encouraged to attend a wide variety of cultural events and, in that way, gain an important glimpse into life beyond C. Parents and students need not spend a fortune attending events—there are many no- and low-cost activities that fulfill the requirement.

Book drives can be a great thing to host at the end of each semester when students are unsure of what to do with these huge, heavy textbooks. College Events Ideas That Raise Awareness If you and your group want to raise awareness about a particular issue, a social issue or otherwise, you have many options.

Book drive Ditto for books. Give a brief description of the event. Clothing drives are especially effective at the end of the school year when people are moving out of the dorms and are probably wishing they had a place to discard their unwanted items. For instance, if you belong to a music business professional group on campus, you could host a panel discussion among high-profile music bloggers.

Why or why not? Cultural events for the spring semester last two quarters of the school year must be done during that semester. Explain what you liked or disliked about the event and why. What is standard and uniform among HISP classes is the number of events required—three per quarter.

College Events Ideas

Showing movies is pretty run-of-the-mill, so again, be strategic in your selection. Culture is the arts elevated to a set of beliefs. Make a connection between the event and the events in your own life, the world around you, or something about which you are learning in school.

Relate what you thought of the museum exhibit, play, dance, or poetry reading. During the summer, HISP students may earn credit for up to six cultural events and apply those to the fall semester first two quarters of the school year.

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Do not write that you were tired or your feet hurt or there was an annoying person reading all the little signs at the museum—write about how you reacted aesthetically or emotionally to your experience.

Summer Cultural Events Credit For many HISP students, summer presents both time and opportunity to experience a wide range of cultural events—from nearby venues to faraway travel locations.

Attach a ticket stub, program, or brochure, if possible. Contact a representative and explore your options.

Save the Date! Homecoming is September 21-2

See Cultural Events Opportunities for a list of upcoming activities to expand your cultural horizons. By attending cultural events, a HISP student experiences firsthand the diverse offerings of culture and artistic expression found in a community.

Watching a play performed live is quite a different experience than reading a play from a book. Sometimes the fees can be pretty steep, so invite other groups to help you co-sponsor the event.

If you want to cut costs, find other groups to help sponsor the event.Harper College things to do and Harper College events, powered by Localist.

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Art Gallery Exhibit. Cuesta College’s Harold J. Miossi Art Gallery brought a roving exhibition of artists to the college for its first exhibit of the Fall semester. Best Events in the Bronx at Lehman Center for the Performing Arts.

Bard College offers a rigorous undergraduate curriculum in the liberal arts and sciences from its historic 1,acre campus in the Hudson Valley of New York State.

Valencia College things to do and Valencia College events, powered by Localist. Explore all the campus events for Presbyterian College located in Clinton, SC. The key to getting the most out of your four years at Presbyterian College is to get involved.

Jump headfirst into the campus community and experience all the opportunities we have to offer. Cultural Events Athletics Admissions Academics.

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College cultural events
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