An essay on the movie and the band played on and the aids virus

It can also serve as a cautionary tale against ignoring or marginalizing future outbreaks and communities. Shilts posits that while HIV and AIDS were biologically caused by a virus, the lack of response in the medical and political communities, as well as the stigmatization caused by the news media, turned it into an epidemic.

For example, one woman in the movie began to become sick after a blood transfusion. And the Band Played On holds a mirror up to the AIDS epidemic, and the fact that it might have been stopped in its tracks had the gay community not been marginalized.

Maybe this could be the virus that is going to wipe out the entire human civilization just like the dinosaurs being wiped out by a meteor. This was not only a slap in the face for gay activists, but it was also unrealistic.

Throughout this movie, it illustrates different points, such as the beginning of HIV, the misconceptions it gave, and the panic it aroused amongst doctors and the common people. The problem was that if there was a lawsuit, the process of creating a cure for the virus would take ten times as long.

The response at the time was to instruct gay men to cease sexual activity, rather than to practice safe sex. Essays, term papers, research papers related: The AIDS epidemic did not have to happen.

Shilts wrote the book because as a gay man, he knew many who were affected by the disease. The book takes an investigative journalistic approach to describe how the disease was handled—or not handled—within four different communities: But even though the movie projects shocking ideas, I thought that it was a very educational video.

For the other patients who also contracted the virus, they could have also taken them to a special institute. Within the gay community, Shilts identifies two periods of time. Although many parts throughout the movie affected me in terms of beginning to fear the AIDS virus, the part that affected me the most would be how the government keeps a lot of facts away from the government.

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But what it would do is lower the chances for the virus to spread more. Even when the government knew that there was a serious disease that was going to spread, they did not do anything about it. The reason for this is because they needed scientific evidence that the virus was deadly.

In the government, the CDC still faced funding issues. It was caused by the negligence from doctors that did not think the matter was a concern. Doctors around the world assumed that the first cases of the HIV virus to be just an abnormality of a certain disease, their carelessness of this matter was the start to the spread of this disease.

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In this movie, it is related to AIDS and how even though the government knew there was such a virus they did not even make an effort to stop it. It frightens me because at the present moment, there could be an antidote for the AIDS virus, but because it is not scientifically proven to work it is therefore not legal to be sold.

This is a horrifying thought, just imagining it can seem as though it was reality. Fears and misconceptions regarding AIDS began when only the homosexual community contracted it.

Therefore, people started to believe that only the homosexuals would get the AIDS and blamed them for the cause of the disease. Politics played a tremendous role in the movie. It started out when one patient had the disease, and the doctors concluded that it was a mutated version of a disease.

Out of fear of HIV and AIDS and the diseases that often accompanied the latter, many medical providers were not only hesitant to offer treatment, but flat-out refused.

Due to this conflict, the matter needed to be taken into court so that it could be resolved.

And the Band Played On Summary

Whereas most media outlets downplayed the danger AIDS posed to the nation, some even dangerously ignored the facts about how HIV is spread, and warned that it could be caught like the common cold.

The statistical analysis also frightens me, By the year more than 40 million people will have AIDS. Copyright Super Summary. In the lab, personal grudges got in the way of progress at the Pasteur Institute of France and the National Cancer Institute in America.

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The book begins with the diagnosis of Grethe Rask, a Danish doctor working in Africa. Instead of ignoring the matter, they could have taken early precautions instead of waiting until the disease was virtually impossible to stop. Fear of the disease should have prompted research and education.

It was at this time, that the public s attitude shifted into the fear that anyone was able to have AIDS; it was a sexually transmitted disease. I have seen this happen in X-files, and other television shows, but in those cases it is related to extra-terrestrial matter.It wasn’t until that announcement that the world turned its attention to HIV and AIDS; Shilts’ book details the early response in the eight years leading up to that moment.

Published inAnd the Band Played On was critically acclaimed. It quickly became a bestselling book. HBO filmed a movie based on the book, with the same title. Movie: And The Band Played On () Director: Roger Spottiswoode Reaction Paper The movie " And The band Played on is about a doctor from world health organisation who is finding the cause of an unknown virus.

"And the Band played on"� AIDS. A virus in which is known to kill many, is portrayed as the key topic of the movie, "And the band played on."� The AIDS virus remained unknown to the general public until the late s, although the war against AIDS began years earlier.

Unfortunately, many ignored this deadly virus for years.5/5(2). And the Band Played On The movie, And the Band Played On, discusses the origin of the AIDS virus and how it spontaneously spread across the world. It used the Ebola disease to foreshadow the forth coming of another serious disease.

The world was not prepared to handle such a contagious plague. - Critique of Film And the Band Played On “And the Band Played On” was an HBO movie that illustrated the AIDS crisis in the s and early s. The movie touched on subjects concerning the reaction of the gay community, the heterosexual community, and the medical community.

The movie, And the Band Played On, discusses the origin of the AIDS virus and how it spontaneously spread across the world. It used the Ebola disease to foreshadow the forth coming of another serious disease. The world was not prepared to handle such a contagious plague.

An essay on the movie and the band played on and the aids virus
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